The Way

A life defined by a purpose is a life that is full of achievement and passion and commitment.  It is a life that follows a set path that completely envelopes the ideologies and thoughts of an individual.  But it is also a life that is filled with burden and pain and defeat.  When one lives a life defined, they are led down a road filled with hate, conflict, and challenges.  It is not a motivation but an obsession to be defined, to be entranced.  However, I believe that when one walks along such a path, they are destined for greatness that no other can experience but that particular soul.  It is the way of life that we all can have but must find on our own.

While we each must walk our own path, we must also find others who see similar things in similar ways.  This guarantees us the ability to expand and improve our own way.  But we must also find peace with those that walk a different path, so that we may experience a challenge, a way to adapt and further expand.  In unity we find motivation and strength; In conflict we find respect and humility.

While some believe they walk along a path, when truly challenged it becomes clear just how well they walk.  To fully understand a way of life, it must be lived in completeness.  A way of life is an understanding of what we are meant to do and to do that, one must know first what they are not meant to do.  A teacher cannot find peace in being a physician just as a carpenter cannot find peace in being an accountant.  While we can all walk as many paths as we desire, we can only truly follow one way of life.  That is why it is a must to discover all we can about ourselves before we truly understand what we are.  One must know themselves before they can know what they are destined for.

We must fight for this.  A way of life is not a happy one; for happiness is the goal, not the journey.  To be humble is to know that there are those out there better than you, to be respectful is to know that there are those who believe you foolish or ignorant.  We must be committed to our way because there will always be moments where we are cast into darkness and pained with defeat.  It is not the ability to endure that shows our passion but it is the ability to get up and try again.  A way of life is an obsession and an obsession is one that cannot be broken easily.  That is why I feel all paths are a way of a warrior, because we are all warriors fighting for our destinies.  We fight for what we believe in, we fight for a sense of meaning.  It is through a gritty heart and tireless soul that we can achieve this.  A way of life is one we all must walk about without it, we are meaningless.

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