Dreaming Big

Having dreams of a wonderful and fruitful life are keys to a happy and successful one.  Everyone has a different idea of success and therefore have different dreams of it.  For instance, I dream of owning a beautiful, cozy house with a mix of contemporary and rustic designs sitting atop a beautiful lawn with easy access to the outdoors but just at the cusp of society.  But dreaming about your future isn’t all that it takes.  It takes focus and determination to fulfill that dream but it also takes realism and goal-setting.  I know what it takes to achieve my dream, but it requires some rather precise planning and a lot of work.  Work that can only be achieved if I can set realistic goals with idealistic motivation.

Daydreaming is another big factor of success in my opinion.  When we are trapped in a constant cycle of eat, work, sleep, repeat it can be a burden on our minds and bodies.  That’s why I think it’s appropriate and maybe even vital to have a little dose of daydreaming in your day just to give yourself a moment of escape.  It is a time when we can clear our minds of the real world for a bit and enjoy a personal fantasy.  It is a way for us, being limited by the harsh realities of life, to take a chance at something more enticing.  But daydreaming can hinder us if you do it too often; a hungry lion will never catch a zebra simply by staring at it.

6334121277_28f27c3469_nWhat is my point you may ask?  Dreams are an escape for us but they are also a way for us to plan our lives.  When we dream, we design a new life for ourselves with even the most minuscule change that has larger impacts than we may initially perceive.  To be successful is to dream big and to dream big is to reach for something that cannot be reached.  Though we may wish and wish for the improbable, we can still climb the ladder to get ourselves even an inch closer to the heavenly fruits of our labor.  However, we have to be aware that we are also living in a very real world with very real limitations.  We may have to live a life we don’t want to so that we may eventually live a life that we have only dreamt of.

Sometimes happy, never satisfied.  This was a mantra of my old wrestling team in high school.  Though it was used to insist that our victories only meant we must work harder, it is incredibly applicable to all facets of life.  Just as we achieve our goals, we must also do our absolute best to attempt our dreams.  Dreams are our inner fantasies of an ideal life, goals are the necessary steps to reach for those dreams.  It is a long and difficult journey that few choose to walk but many think of but it is all worth the effort if you simply have to drive to see your dreams become an improbable reality.

You may yet reach the clouds if you simply climb the mountain.


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