The Pain of Life

Life is all about balance.  We cannot simply walk through life without a loss, without suffering.  It is a steady flow of joy and pain that each of us shall feel in one way or another.  But pain is not a bad thing, it shows us we are alive and that we care.  It is as much a blessing as it is a curse just as happiness can bring us up but also break us down.  Not to get all Asian or whatnot but life is all about yin and yang.

Yin and yang, or simply yin-yang, is a traditional Chinese philosophy revolving around the concept that two contradictory forces equalize and compliment each other.  It is the female and the male, the moon and the sun, the earth and the heavens, the concealed and the revealed, water and fire.  The symbol is known as a taijitu and is displayed as a white force and a black force circling each other with a small piece inside the other.

Just as yin and yang can find a place within the other, so must pain find a place within joy and joy find a place within pain.  However, we cannot forget that though one may be perceived as inherently bad and the other good, it is a balance that decides it.  Remember that though fire may burn all it touches it provides warmth and light just as water may provide life and energy it can easily take it.  Understand that though pain may attempt to break us and bruise us, it can only be temporary.  We must accept that there is something within our pain that can give us new life, new power.  Imagine breaking your bones, the pain is trembling and brutal but in the end our body grows stronger from it.  Just as when we love others we will experience the hurt and the suffering they will inevitably wrought upon us in some way.

We cannot be so selfish as to insist that our pain is forever and it is centered upon us.  Instead pain and joy, like yin and yang, are universal; the balance of life is for all to feel.  Take note that though you may be suffering your pain is allowing room for another to experience happiness.  The two forces are not connected but they are intertwined; so just because you have pain, another’s joy is not related, simply allowing room for one another.  I am not stating that when we experience pain that it is necessary, moreover I am stating that when we experience pain we must not surrender to it but accept it as a form of natural and universal balance.  Darkness is the absence of light just as joy is the absence of pain.  To live, we must experience both just as the universe gives us light for the darkness so we must have pain for the joys we have.

Life is about balance, the yin and yang finding each other giving way and taking from the other.  One is no greater nor more evil or good than the other.  It is the balance that allows us to live and it is a universal not unique balance.  This is not meant to say that when we suffer that it is okay, that depends on the circumstances.  This is meant to say that our suffering has to have a meaning just as all things have meaning.  So the next time you suffer, do not surrender to it, try to understand it, try to understand that the pain of life is just as natural as the yin and yang.

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