Functional Training Series

The human body is designed to be powerful.  Though some unique individuals are born with natural power, all of us need to take the time and energy to improve and maintain that power.  In my honest opinion, our physical forms is one the most essential but highly overlooked components of life.  There are multiple parts of the equation and I feel that many people only ever pay attention to some or one of those parts and even then it is a bit misplaced or unrefined.

In any physical fitness system, there are three major points that require a fairly large amount of consideration.  The first piece, power, is probably the most well-known and commonly trained even if done improperly.  The second piece is conditioning, which is something I feel a lot of people ignore.  The final piece is mobility, which is definitely a major component that is generally managed inefficiently or ineffectively.

Be sure to check out each of the layers as I will be spending the next few weeks talking about them.


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