The Importance of Gaming

I am a man of many interests, I believe that a complete human being sees life in different lights and different stages.  As such, I would consider myself a bit geeky with my “light” knowledge of Star Wars as well a slight addiction to gaming.  It’s no secret that Warcraft 3 was once one of my greatest past-times.  Though I never partook in the craze that was World of Warcraft, I do favor role-playing games over most other genres.  However, the most influential form of game that I absolutely love is real-time strategy games.  Essentially, real-time strategy games represent a style of game play wherein the player controls a set number of units and must strategically build up a base while defending said base and also completing objectives all at the same time.

It’s no surprise that since the dawn of video games, the popularity has reached incredible heights with some games even landing themselves on ESPN and international sporting events.  Yes, sporting events.  A partially controversial point in E-sports (electronic sports) is whether or not gamers can be considered athletes.  In my honest opinion, they are an elite form of athlete with extraordinary reflexes, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and strategic and analytical thought.  Although a professional gamer may not be as physically fit as a basketball player or an Olympian,  I wouldn’t turn down the idea that the gamer could easily beat either in a fast-paced reflex challenge.14672591082_61772e56c3_z

Let’s go back and take a look at those RTS games for example.  Most if not all RTS games move at rapid-fire speeds that the average person couldn’t even comprehend.  Even when I watch championship matches will I have trouble understanding what is happening until after it’s over.  This skill is called micromanagement, basically think of it as coaching a football game and a basketball game at the same time while also playing Tetris.  If doing that isn’t an impressive skill then I have a terrible concept of what skill is.
Now let’s take a look at shooter games like Call of Duty and arena games such as League of Legends.  Both games give a wide range of planning and coordination with teams and allow players to plan their style of play to a tee.  When one looks at the world championships for these games, one should notice that even the slightest error in planning or fault in teamwork can cost a team literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.  Of course, only those truly committed to the game could ever ascend to that sort of height.  I may be a bit of a gamer, but I am also a realist, if your child isn’t playing video game with a sense of adventure, humility and simply getting better and instead just wants to waste time on achievements or is just following the trend then you should limit their play.  But if they seem to be on their way to making a cool million dollars, why stop them from making their passion a profession?

Aside from the sporting side of video games, let’s also understand that generally, professional gamers are also experts or at least highly experienced in the fields of computer science and even electrical engineering.  Of course that is also a stereotype but I think it’s a positive stereotype when you consider that technology is probably the fastest growing and soon-to-be most dominant field in this modern global society.  If professional gaming isn’t going to make good money and support a happy life then computers and technology should provide the same benefits.  The possibilities are limitless.16807152551_d4633ca2ac_k

With the growing phenomena of gaming and E-sports, let’s not turn down the concept that some may choose to become professional gamers.  It is not a path that is conventional but is a field that many have chosen with great fruit and even more still enjoy the idea of.  So let your children explore consoles and video games and if they show great promise, don’t be so stiff as to stifle their dreams.  Work instead to help them achieve their dreams through realistic goals and balance of life.  Guide them down a path that orients to their passions and soon they will find their own way, a happier way.

This is just a really short rant/statement about video games that’s more a spur of the moment that a calculated post.  Perhaps in the future, I may make more detailed or specific posts in the future.

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