Blood Is Thicker Than Water

“Blood is thicker than water…”

For those that have heard this phrase before, it may be the easiest conclusion to assume that it means blood relations are more important than other types.  To some it means that we are forever bound by our shared blood because that is a very strong connection especially over that of any externally formed bond.  But for those that seek a different interpretation, perhaps consider an extension of the phrase, “the blood of the bond is thicker than the water of the womb.”  By this longer figure of speech, we get a better sense of which liquid is meant to represent which relationship.

The Blood of the Bond
The bond built by time and tests is far greater than any other bond we form.  It is a lifeline to who we are, who we’re meant to be.  It doesn’t matter if you are born into the same family or if you are thousands of miles apart, a truly strong bond cannot be broken.  It is the blood of this bond, of this relationship, that holds no superior.  While some may have this bond with their actual family, others are not so fortunate.

However, here is a bit of philosophical thinking; perhaps who we consider family should be based on whether this bond is built or not.  For me, I may have friends and acquaintances and relatives, but family is something I reserve for only the most special and built-upon individuals in my life.  In truth, I have a small family, but I know that the bonds I share with these people are far superior to the time I’ve spent with others.  It is the blood of the bond that truly defines family for me, and that is something I believe should be the standard among all of us.

The Water of the Womb
While I grew up in a home that held family above all else, I always felt that even in a strong familial culture, I felt stronger love for those outside of it.  I even felt this for those barred from ever even entering this culture for honestly nonsensical reasons.  I have always felt a better connection with those outside of my family regardless of whether or not I even had a connection to anyone in my actual family.

But I know while I would love those connected to me through bonds are above those connected by actual blood relation, I also know that the water of the womb is stronger than that of the well.  The water of the womb will always provide you with a set of individuals that you were born to be with, and that alone should trounce the simple water of the well.  This well water represents the people outside of your family that you couldn’t, didn’t, or maybe wouldn’t build a bond with.

So in the end, in my mind this is not just a simple sentence figure of speech but a chain of three separate portions.  A descending ladder of relationships that one experiences through life that should help in defining just how important these relationships should be.  To hold the blood of the bond closer than the water of the womb and that closer than the water of the well.  Because while we can share well water with just about everyone, the womb is a far more intimate space that only select few can share.  Because even above that, we share blood with those we have spent time and energy and life forging a bond that nothing can break.  That will be my addition to this age-old phrase…

“The blood of the bond is thicker than the water of the womb over the water of the well”


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