The Reality of Street Fights, Part II

We met in the introduction, now let’s go over your attacker…

When someone approaches your threateningly, you have to first understand what is happening.  Taking a quick look at your aggressor and then quickly looking around at the scenario is key to surviving.  Look at their hands because they are massive indicators of what they want and what they have to get it.  Empty hands are great, even playing field; a weapon openly brandished isn’t great but is helpful in knowing what you’re up against; a hand behind the back is menacing because there’s something they don’t want you to see until it’s too late.

But there’s a reason they’re attacking you, either they want something or they’re just in the mood to attack someone.  If they want your wallet or phone or whatever, give it to them, there’s no point in risking your life for something that can be replaced.  But if they want more than that, it’s time to act.  Always remember, no matter your level of training in self defense, you must always be three things; be fluid, be relentless, and be ruthless.  You must never stay in the same place, always moving even when countering.  Once you start attacking, don’t stop because you don’t want to give them a chance.  If you’re hit or stabbed or whatever, FIGHT THE FUCK BACK, they don’t deserve to kill you here, you need to fight back with all you have and don’t stop until well after they do.

Now let’s go to weapons; whether the weapon is out or hidden, you need to isolate it as soon as it targets you.  A gun may seem like the worst but as soon as you clear yourself of the firing line, you’re more secure in countering.  Get in close to the firearm and be sure to steer clear of the barrel while also forcing your attacker to react.  A knife or blade is much scarier, you need to create space from your body because its better to cut your hand than your stomach.  Bludgeons like bats and pipes present an easier challenge because you still have to both isolate and counter at the same time but the damaging instrument is less lethal.  But no matter the weapon, there will always be three simple facts.  It can kill you so stay aware of the killing piece; your attacker has it so isolate and counter it first; you are in danger, so be fluid, relentless, and ruthless.

Now during the fight, here is where you must be very good at multitasking because you must now find more attackers or an escape route.  If the lone assailant is being dealt with, either make a quick get-away or do as I would and finish the fool off.  But if there are more attackers, you need to leave fast or be prepared to continue fighting under increasingly riskier and deadlier conditions.  When fighting multiple attackers, you still need to pay attention to their hands as well as maintain the three principle laws but you must also zone in on a very scary reality; you stop, you die.  This time around, you can never slow nor stutter; you can only hit rapid, lower volume strikes; and you must be even more ruthless.  The more you stop to attack or adjust, the more chances your attackers have to move in and do the same.  But here’s the thing, if you have an escape, use it!  This isn’t a movie, its your life, don’t risk it just to save face.

If you’re going to take anything away from this, let it please be the three laws:

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