Martial Arts Series II

It has been over six months since I first started the original Martial Arts series.  In the first series, I talked about five different martial arts from five different countries that each had their own merits.  While each can be considered a true martial art as well as an effective combat system in certain situations, there wasn’t a really strong connector between all five.  This time around, I have decided to make these next five and any other following series relate to each other in some way.  The theme of this series is effective street combat; any martial art that is inherently too dangerous to be used as a competitive sport.

Again, I will reiterate that a martial art is more than just a form of combat but is a way of life above all else.  Though I will refer to all as a martial art, these five are strictly combat systems in my mind because each was built and bred as purely a way of war.  Each has no true sport variation though there may be descendant arts that have their own sport variation.  I have also listed and linked the original series down below for those interested.

Martial Arts Series.
Muay Thai: The Art of Eight Limbs.
Brazilian Jiujitsu: The Gentle Art of Humility.
Pankration: The Decider of Men.
Bartitsu: The Gentlemen’s Martial Art.
Taekwondo: The Foot Fist Way.

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