The Five F’s of Life

While everyone’s lives are different and each person is free to interpret their own or maybe even other’s lives in their own unique way; I believe that all people should live by a code, a way of life.  While I can sometimes contradict myself in my statements or beliefs, I feel that I have always lived by a simple code formed by five words.  These words form the basis of my way of life and they are as follows in a very particular order.

Faith, Family, Freedom, Fitness, Fun.

I rank faith above family because I feel that without a strong sense of self and a true concept of what it means to live, a being cannot fully understand the concept of family.  I don’t mean religious faith in particular, what I mean is to have faith in oneself as well as faith in fate against opportunity.  I don’t follow any religions, instead I believe in a higher power that guides us all to our best paths.  I also believe that this power can only guide us and not bring us to it, instead we must force our chances with our wit and will.  It is our faith that allows us to see where we must go to achieve what we dream of.  It is our faith that will get us there and what comes next is what helps us get there.

I was raised to be a family man, on the concept of blood above all else.  But while I cannot deny that my upbringing has shaped me to be a good man, I must say that the concept of family I was raised on is too flawed.  While I choose to love those I have a blood relation to, I also choose to love those that I have formed a connection with.  On top of that, my hate and contempt will be brought upon all those that have wronged me regardless of relationship.  Family is built upon blood, but it is the blood of the bond and not of the womb.  While everyone is there for the good, it is only true family that is there for the bad.  Without a concept of family, you never know who to trust and that is incredibly detrimental to how well you can live.  True family doesn’t bring you down, they bring you up and push you forward toward what can only be found through the next F on this list.

Freedom is very hard to come by in the modern era.  Not just physical freedom from chains or walls but an emotional freedom, a spiritual freedom.  Living in these United States has given me a special advantage against most others of the world where I can pursue my passions and live a life free of direct tyranny or anarchy.  But what is lacking in this world we live is the freedom to explore, the freedom to truly be passionate.  Everywhere we go, there are societal norms, academic expectations, demands on the physical appearance.  So many factors affect how we live that in the end, we are no more free than the animals we put on display at zoological parks.  It is our true freedom that allows us to not only know where we want to go, but also where we must go to get what we want.  I need my freedom and I will do all I can to obtain it, but the only way that can be possible is with the fourth F.

When some people hear the word fitness, they immediately think of physical strength and athletic prowess.  When I think of fitness, I think of that but I also consider intellectual ability, emotional strength, spiritual awareness.  Fitness to me is the innate ability to not only adapt to current situations but to excel in them, to thrive.  To “fit” the model in sport but also in the class room and society as well.  I see fitness as a broad spectrum of necessary training that we all as human beings must undergo.  To be fit enough for any situation may it be physical, intellectual or even emotional.  We must have the strength to conquer and the endurance to overcome.  It is our fitness that keeps us able and willing but it is the final F that keeps us on track in the hardest of times.

At the end of it all is fun, now what is fun? To me, fun is the idea that regardless of your situation, you can find a way to enjoy something about it.  I believe that while it may be able to physical ailments, laughter truly is the best medicine.  When you feel good, you really do feel good.  I often use humor as way to break tense situations, to relieve those in pain, and to help someone get through loss or suffering.  While it may not be appropriate in some scenarios, helping someone laugh can give them that tiny little push they need to start getting better.  For those in physical pain, laughter can help stop or lessen the effects of shock. Aside from helping people, fun can also distract people.  In terrible times like the aftermath of a disaster, a little bit of fun can get anyone’s mind off of the trouble for just a moment; and that moment makes an incredible difference.  The fun we have is what keeps us sane but while it is beyond important, it cannot be placed above the four above.

Whether you agree or not,  this is my way of life.  It is my code of conduct that I feel captures what it means to be truly alive at the end of it all.  Faith in oneself allows one to follow not just a right path but the best path.  Family is what allows one to know who is there and how they can help.  Freedom is the understanding of what one wants in life and where to get it.  Fitness is the overall ability to get there no matter the challenges.  Fun is the final thought that makes such a huge difference in success or failure.  The five F’s of life, the five simple words that make life worth living but only in this specific order.  This is what I believe will help anyone and everyone not just find their true calling but also achieve great success.

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