As an Artist

What does it mean to be an artist?

I think a lot of people assume that an artist refers to someone who paints or draws or maybe sings or acts.  But I think we are all artists, we all paint upon the canvas that is our own lives.  We sing its song and write its story in our own special way.

Just like art itself, we each see what beauty is in different lights.  Take a perfectly timed and performed throw in judo for example; some may it as a savage act, others as pure beauty, still others see it as nothing more than someone being thrown.  Though it is all in the eye of the beholder, I feel it is our duty as human beings to see that it is an art as is everything else in life.  Much like how, as a martial artist myself, I can see art in ballet just as much as I see art in cooking.  From the simplest of things we can find beauty and creativity and passion in it.


From the moment we are born, we begin our journey in completing the great masterpiece that is life.  Art is an extension of oneself, a stimulating representation of personality.  Some see art in sports, some see it in paintings, some see it on the stage or the screen, and some see it in speech.  No matter where it is taking place or how it is done, the very nature of our existence and ability to create is art.  It is simply a concept of passion combined with commitment that pushes us to pursue our own art.  Though it is not mandatory to be amazing at what you do, I believe a strong requirement is a passion for it, an unwavering sense of intrinsic motivation.  That sort of work demands a sense of humility in my mind and with humility comes respect and admiration for others who perform their art.


So let’s all try to pursue our passions and live our lives as beautifully and artfully as we can.  Let us all try to see the beauty that others see, understand what we can achieve when  not only do we commit and assert our passions but push others in their endeavors.  Fear not if you seem lost or lack a passion; just as art shall be natural, let your body and spirit guide your mind to the beauty it can create naturally. Go out into the world and feel your passion, not find it; let life bring you forward as other artists let their passion guide them not to the top of the world but to the top of their life.

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